In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Music Group made a global commitment, offering support to our employees, artists, songwriters and the broader music community.

Safe Operations

For the safety of staff, artists, songwriters and business partners, Universal Music Australia continues to take precautions to ensure the minimisation of the virus’ spread, including the physical closure of our local offices.

However, we are working remotely and available to you by telephone, email and video conference, among other means.

We encourage all to stay safe, to follow the Australian Government Health directives and do the COVID 3.

Supporting Australia’s Music Community 

Locally, we are working to support those in the music community most deeply affected by the pandemic.

For example, we are working closely with Support Act to ensure the continued development of domestic music talent, labels and production crews.

We are also assisting our domestic talent, with relevant applications for available Australian Government Grants, to ensure that they continue their reach and creative development during these unprecedented times.